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BEL Stewart RJ45 Cable and connector solution

21. January 2021 | Planegg

As a design-in partner for BEL Stewart in Europe, Atlantik offers products and development opportunities around BEL Stewart RJ45 Cable and connector solution for industrial and ruggedized applications. Here is an overview about BEL Stewart’s latest RJ45 solutions & technologies

Hot Products

BEL Stewart expands SealJack™ Cable Applied Connector Series with Cat6a Solutions

The SealJack™ Cable Applied Connector series now supports Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a performance levels through IP67 plug kits, cable assemblies, and cable applied jacks. The SealJack Cable Applied Connector series is a unique IP67 rated connector system that offers versatility and reliable performance when designing products for rugged applications. This series features the reliability of BEL Stewart Connector’s RJ45 Modular plugs and jacks along with an IP67 bayonet locking shell designed to provide reliable connectivity in harsh environments. This supports Cat6a applications like: military communications, marine equipment, medical devices, industrial and other harsh out-of-office environments.

BEL Stewart introduces Cat 8.1 Cable Assemblies ideal for High Noise Environments

The new Category 8.1 RJ45 Cable Assemblies are a simple, cost-saving solution for upgrading data centers to accommodate the continuous changes in the industry without switching to fiber optic solutions. They support 25 and 40 Gbps Ethernet transmission speeds over balanced twisted-pair copper cabling and meet Category 8.1 performance standards. These cable assemblies feature industry-standard form factor RJ45 connectors on each end and aluminum PETP foil around each twisted pair to minimize internal crosstalk

BEL Stewart introduces 10GBASE-T Single Port 60W PoE MagJack® ICMs

The new 10GBASE-T 60W, 4-pair PoE Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs) also called Mag Jacks are designed for those looking to upgrade their product performance for maximum speed at 60W of power over standard Ethernet cable.. These ICMs can be used as either a PSE (Power Source Equipment) or a PD (Powered Device) and are compatible with all major 10GBASE-T PHYs, including the latest current-mode and voltage-mode PHYs. These 60W ICMs are ideal for next generation 5G cellular and Wireless Access Point applications and can be used on next general PoE products where 30W of power is not sufficient.

BEL Stewart expands the M12 Harsh Environment Offering with M12 X-Code to RJ45 Cable Assemblies

BEL Stewart expands its M12 harsh environment offering to include M12 X-Code to RJ45 cable assemblies. M12 X-Code cable assemblies are the ideal solution for Ethernet connectivity up to 10 Gbps in factory and industrial applications. BEL Stewart’s M12 X-Code to RJ45 cable assemblies feature an IP67 rated male M12 X-Code plug on one end with an IP20 rated RJ45 plug on the other. The cable includes a TPE cable jacket which is resistant to oil, weld splatter, and sunlight making these assemblies suitable for the harshest environments while providing reliable connections that support Modbus, Ethernet, PROFINET, and EtherCAT communication protocols.