Smart Transportation
Solutions for smart traffic and transportation
Ranging from infrastructural solutions such as traffic intersection control, vehicle recognition, or car park monitoring to applications such as telematics for fleet management, device and asset tracking or digital cockpit features such as driver and vehicle status monitoring, BCD Atlantik solutions allow for increased public safety and improved traffic management.
Smart Factory
Optimise your production processes with state-of-the-art solutions.
Innovative smart applications for factories can completely improve processes, productivity, and cost-efficiency of factories by implementing automation in manufacturing.
Smart Retail
AI AND IOT: The future of retail
AI, IoT, data analytics, and other innovative tools are enabling a profound redesign of the retail sector. Smart retail technologies can and will change the retail landscape by enabling companies to offer their customers more data-based, seamless, and personalized shopping experiences - choose BCD Atlantik as your partner for your move into the future of retail!
5G and Edge Computing
Are you ready for the future of connectivity?
With lightning-fast speeds and low latency, 5G technology is revolutionising the way we interact with our devices. And when combined with the power of edge computing, the possibilities are endless. Imagine real-time data processing, seamless connectivity, and improved user experiences like never before. Don't get left behind - discover the exciting world of 5G and edge computing today! Convince yourself of our innovations and create the perfect, customized configuration for your requirements.
Innovative charging stations for electric vehicles
Latest products and reference designs for charging station electronics and connectivity
With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the need for charging stations for automotive infrastructure is also growing significantly. Take advantage of this opportunity and develop charging stations for electric vehicles with the help of our portfolio of the latest technologies from our partners, diverse integration options and the complete reference designs!
Renewable Energy
Control, Protect, and Maintain the Functionality of Renewable Energy Facilities
With the focus on establishing and maintaining a long-term consistent energy supply of renewable energy, it is essential to control, maintain, protect, and care for the new, highly technical, and costly facilities producing it, like solar and wind parks.
Welcome to                        BCD Atlantik

BCD Atlantik

Innovative electronic components and technologies

BCD Atlantik is a leading distributor of technology, and an expert in the design-in of innovative semiconductor components and solutions. Being a provider of solutions, the company offers a range of services and products that support their customers across the entire value chain. Established in 1990 we have worked with many of the UK’s largest and most successful OEM’s and understand what it takes to get a product from concept through to manufacture.

We work with key semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers, module manufacturers and technology integrators, design services companies and test equipment companies, each a leader in their chosen market.

Together with our sister company Atlantik Elektronik we are able to provide services across all of Europe.

Innovative semiconductor products

Our portfolio includes latest components in various areas such as embedded processing, microcontrollers, wireless connectivity, audio & voice, digital radio, displays & cameras, memories, Routers & Gateways and others. These components can be used in various design levels such as chip-down, system on module or single board computers.

Ready to use software and SDKs

For our components we provide all the software needed by developers to create innovative solutions. This includes ready to use operating systems like RTOS, Linux, Android or Windows as well as software development kits for general development. Or special SDKs needed for things like computer vision, neural processing or DSP development. Furthermore we also offer application specific SW building blocks like AI algorithms. 

Technical Consulting & Support
Hardware and software consulting

We provide hardware and software consulting based on our portfolio. Whatever functions our customers products require, we make sure that the right components are selected. Our in-house FAE team supports you throughout the entire development cycle from product idea to mass production and after the products are in use.

Production & Logistic Services
Worldwide delivery & production, flexible stocking models

Our production and delivery services ensure that our customers receive their components exactly when and where they need them. We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Munich / Germany or arrange them directly in Asia if required.  In addition, we manage buffer stocks and take care of PCN / EOL monitoring to reduce risks in the supply chain.

Integration of different hardware components

Our offer in the development, design and manufacture of semi-finished products includes the combination of various semiconductor components. These bundling solutions can be supplied as finished, integrable individual components with interface cards where required, or already mounted on a customer-specific PCBA. We also offer customization options for our standard components if required by the design.

Integration of hardware with software

Based on our existing operating systems and SDKs, we can take over parts of the software development, such as the adaptation of drivers required for the integration of components like displays, cameras or wireless connections. Our customers can outsource any part of software development for specific functions to us, and we can help with system stability and performance testing.

Technical Consulting & Support
Hardware and software consultation

As for our individual components, we offer hardware and software consulting based on our bundling and customization offerings. We not only ensure that the best components are selected, but also help to guarantee that they work well together. With the support of our FAE team, we create semi-finished solutions that significantly reduce time to market and lower the total cost of ownership for our customers.

Production & Logistic Services
Worldwide delivery & production, flexible stocking models

Our production and delivery services ensure that our customers receive their components exactly when and where they need them. We synchronize the supply chains of the major components of our customers' products to provide a one-stop shopping experience and make our customers' lives easier. We ship worldwide from our Munich warehouse with buffer stocks and take care of PCN / EOL monitoring to reduce supply chain risks.

Mass production & ODM services

Based on our components, we can provide finished ODM products to our customers. This includes the development of the industrial design and the mechanical engineering, to make products ready for mass production. Our ODM solutions will be shipped ready to sell in boxes designed by us or our clients, fully tested and certified.

End-to-End SW Solutions

On a complete level, our software deliveries not only include everything that runs on the devices, such as the operating system and applications. We also ensure that products are compatible with the customer's back-end system and offer cloud and remote management solutions. In addition, we can develop web or application-based (Android, iOS) applications.

Technical Consulting & Support
Product design consulting

Our FAE team will accompany the entire product design process, starting with the product idea, the selection of the right hardware and software solutions, proof-of-concept and feasibility studies, up to the development phase for mass production. We help with budget and business plan considerations to create solutions that can be successfully marketed worldwide.

Production & Logistic Services
Worldwide delivery & production, flexible stocking models

Our production and delivery services ensure that our customers receive their products exactly when and where they need them. We synchronize the supply chains of ODM products to provide a one-stop shopping experience and make our customers' lives easier. We ship worldwide from our Munich warehouse with buffer stocks and take care of PCN / EOL monitoring to reduce supply chain risks.

Overview of our Tech Sectors
Embedded Processors
Latest embedded processor solutions for different performance classes, from low power to high-end for edge computing and artificial intelligence.
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A broad portfolio with more than 600 different MCUs, from 8-bit to Arm Cortex-M0 to M4 & M23, Arm9 and application specific variants.
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Digital Radio
Cost-effective Communication and broadcasting SoCs for DAB/DAB+ and World Wide Digital Radio as Software-defined Radio (SDR) Architecture.
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Wireless Connectivity
As a pioneer in Bluetooth since 2000, Atlantik Elektronik has a long wireless history. Today we offer a wide range of wireless technologies.
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Routers, Gateways and Edge Computing
A variety of innovative cellular routers, cellular modems and tracker devices for different applications for always-on and secure connectivity.
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Audio and Voice
Different products for audio and voice applications like Class D amplifiers, audio converters, DSPs, Bluetooth and smart speakers SoCs.
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We can support you in selecting a suitable sensor and connecting it to other components to creating a complete solution with microcontroller and software.
Displays and HMI
Innovative HMI solutions featuring a large selection of standard and customer-specific displays and touch components, camera components and others.
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Major product lines include Code Storage Flash Memory & EEPROM, Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM in different sizes and packages.
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The Atlantik Elektronik 5G house is protected by patent. We make your application 5G ready and advise you about the future of 5G. We also have the ideal 5G solution for applications like: Fix/mobile wireless access, Routers, Gateways, VR/AR, UHD Video, Smart cameras, in-vehicle infotainment and more...

Raspberry Pi


BCD Atlantik is your ideal business partner for integrating Raspberry Pi into your industrial products and projects.  Find out about the latest Raspberry Pi technology and how we can help your business.
Raspberry Pi Reseller

Overview of our markets


With proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, BCD Atlantik provides hardware and software for automotive solutions. Our focus is on the infotainment sector, which we address with our innovative radio and display solutions. We are a technology pioneer, especially in the car radio field, and we are paving the way from digital radio to sof...


BCD Atlantik provides leading consumer solutions. With ready-to-use products that can easily be adapted to any kind of consumer solutions, we significantly shorten the design cycles for our customers....


BCD Atlantik provides leading industrial solutions, which is one of our key segments in Europe. We have served over 3,000 large and midsize industrial companies and have developed long-term relationsh...

Health & Fitness

To offer our customers innovative health & fitness solutions, we work on two tracks. On the one hand, we rely on global leaders such as Qualcomm and its Snapdragon Wear Platform for all types of p...

Smart Home

BCD Atlantik provides leading smart home solutions. With our proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions, BCD Atlantik provides hardware and software, cloud solutions, system integration, and ...

Smart City

BCD Atlantik provides smart city solutions ranging from public safety and traffic management to intelligent lighting, environment sensors, water treatment, digital signage and smart retail applications.

Smart Logistics

BCD Atlantik provides leading smart logistics solutions that can be used to monitor traffic and vehicles or to create any kind of telematic devices or tracking applications.

Design and Development Shop

Samples, Development Kits and more

The offer of our online store mainly includes a selection of development kits and sample parts. If you are interested in a specific component, please contact us personally or use the quick inquiry.

Our Linecard


We are very proud to be the franchised distributors and representatives of these leading edge companies all of whom are leaders in their chosen fields.

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Atlantik Systeme is your independent value-added distributor for network components. In 30 years of experience, we've built a solid reputation in distributing high quality brand products of leading manufacturers. As a value-added distributor, we have an international network of partners and combine good prices and shortest possible delivery times with capable advice from experts.
Allmos Electronic is your specialist for Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout network measurement technology, network analysis and network monitoring, helping you deploy and use intelligent measurement tools to the benefit of your business. Allmos Electronic gives you the measurement instruments from Fluke Networks, NetAlly and Netscout to maintain the availability of your network and IT infrastructure.