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Traditionally, Raspberry Pi products have been used in education and for hobbyists and 'kitchen table' businesses, however their robustness, powerful performance and affordability is now being realised in industrial marketspaces.


Unlike other Raspberry Pi resellers, BCD Atlantik has extensive experience working with embedded Industrial products. They are well-versed in the capabilities and specifications of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and other industrial variants, enabling them to support customers with added value services and support.

BCD Atlantik's expertise in industrial solutions, experience with Embedded Industrial products, customization capabilities, focus on quality and reliability, and strong customer support make them a perfect business partner for clients seeking to leverage Raspberry Pi for their industrial applications. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to providing optimal solutions align perfectly with the demands of the industrial sector.

Raspberry Pi Reseller

Customization Capabilities

As a business partner, BCD Atlantik excels in offering tailored solutions to meet specific client needs. They have the expertise to design custom carrier boards, integrating the Raspberry Pi Compute Module into clients' unique industrial environments, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance. BCD Atlantik works with camera and display manufacturers, software developers and integrators to offer full and partial turnkey solutions.

Integration of Industrial Peripherals

Industrial applications often require the integration of specialized peripherals and interfaces. BCD Atlantik works with their partners to incorporate various industrial communication protocols, wireless connectivity and I/O interfaces to connect with sensors, actuators, PLCs, and other industrial equipment.

Robust and Reliable Solutions

BCD Atlantik prioritizes the development of robust and reliable solutions suitable for industrial settings. Their emphasis on quality assurance, testing, and adherence to industrial standards ensures the end products are dependable and can withstand the demands of harsh industrial environments.

Regulatory Compliance

Industrial projects often involve adherence to specific regulations and standards. BCD Atlantik is well-versed in navigating compliance requirements, ensuring that the final solutions meet industry-specific certifications and safety standards.

Scalability and Long-Term Support

As a trusted business partner, BCD Atlantik provides scalable solutions that can grow with clients' needs. They offer long-term support, including maintenance, updates, and technical assistance, ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of their solutions.

Strong Customer Focus

BCD Atlantik values their customer relationships and aims to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. They work closely with clients throughout the development process, ensuring that the solutions align with the specific goals and requirements of each project.


Raspberry Pi Overview

Pi 5, CM4, Applications & Customisation

Raspberry Pi 5
Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest generation of Raspberry Pi, launched in September 2023. It delivers a significant increase in both CPU and GPU performance, alongside improvements to camera, display, and USB interfacing.
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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) is a versatile and powerful system-on-module (SoM) designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It offers a compact and cost-effective solution for embedding Raspberry Pi capabilities into various industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.
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Industrial Applications of Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Compute Modules find applications in a wide range of industries and use cases due to their versatility, small form factor, and industrial-grade capabilities.
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Raspberry Pi Reseller
How can BCD Atlantik help you with Raspberry Pi?
As well as providing the range of Raspberry Pi off-the-shelf products, we can add customisable value to the Compute Module 4, to suit your needs.
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