Smart Retail
AI AND IOT: The future of retail
AI, IoT, data analytics, and other innovative tools are enabling a profound redesign of the retail sector. Smart retail technologies can and will change the retail landscape by enabling companies to offer their customers more data-based, seamless, and personalized shopping experiences - choose BCD Atlantik as your partner for your move into the future of retail!

Solutions for smart Retail


Smart technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses can operate in the current retail landscape and interact with their customers. AI, IoT, data analytics, and other tools allow for gaining customer insights and customize shopping experience, inventory, and service based on data to increase customer loyalty, profitability, and overall efficiency.

Retailers frequently face essential challenges such as managing multiple locations, the expense of manual controls, insufficient data insights, and balancing cost efficiency with customer satisfaction. Smart retail solutions can facilitate addressing those challenges by providing real-time monitoring, data-driven decision-making, and customized interaction options and can subsequently provide a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving retail industry.

Smart retail technologies can and will change the retail landscape by enabling companies to offer their customers more data-based, seamless, and personalized shopping experiences - choose BCD Atlantik as your partner for your move into the future of retail!


As a partner of leading global technology companies, BCD Atlantik offers the design and integration of perfectly adapted, innovative products to realize the best possible solutions for retail applications based on customers’ individual specifications.


  • Facial Payment
  • People Counting
  • Crowd Situation Awareness
  • Heat Map Advertisement Analysis 
  • Behavior Analysis 
  • Intrusion Detection 
  • Lost Detection

Main Applications

Our experienced BCD Atlantik team helps to create powerful and stylish devices and experiences by utilizing our comprehensive portfolio of high-performing and innovative products, our experience and expertise, as well as our comprehensive offering of logistics and support services. 


Our Smart Retail solution is also available as a free PDF flyer!

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ODM Products

Complete Solutions for retail applications by BCD Atlantik

Shopping Cart Monitor

ODM Complete Solution

With our Atlantik Elektronik “Shopping Cart Monitor”, the shopping experience can be enhanced by real-time location-based advertising and product offerings as well as shopping cart monitoring. The device is battery-powered and suitable to be attached to shopping carts of various sizes. It is customizable and can be adapted to individual requirements (i.e. design, features, …).


ODM Complete Solution

Revolutionize in-store advertisement with our new POS-Terminal, available in various sizes (42”, 65”, 75”, 86” and 98”). The in-store advertising POS-Terminal is Android-powered, easily customizable, and designed for displaying captivating visuals in UHD resolution. With intuitive touch operation, it allows for seamless content management. Enhance your brand presence and drive sales across various settings, including hospitality, restaurants, retail, exhibitions, and shopping centers. 


ODM Complete Solution

Introducing the future of retail displays: In-cell touch shelf displays!

These innovative displays unite impressive design, progressive functionality, and durability. By integrating the touch sensor directly into the LCD panel, a separate touch layer can be eliminated, and a thinner, lighter, and seamless design can be implemented. The touch layer is completely embedded under C/F glass, preventing optical impairments caused by reflecting artificial light or sunlight and maintaining excellent response performance at each touch of the screen even if the glass is damaged.



EB5 Edge AI Box

From Thundercomm

The Thundercomm edge computing EB5 AI Box enables retailers to manage and monitor stores remotely, thereby enhancing security, reducing costs, and providing data-driven insights for optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

E300 5G Router

from Cradlepoint

The Cradlepoint E300 5G Enterprise Router provides an instant and interference-free LTE & 5G connection for retail stores that is always available, flexible, and secure. Ideal for short-term pop-up stores, shop-in-shop setups, kiosks, digital signage, remote monitoring, and network security. 

Highly integrated retail solutions based on qualcomm qcs8550

QCS8550 Processor

From Qualcomm

The Qualcomm QCS8550 Processor provides robust computing power, maximum Edge artificial intelligence (AI) processing, Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, and vivid graphics and video for performance-heavy IoT applications, such as i.e. autonomous mobile robots, warehouse drones, cameras, edge AI boxes, and more.

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