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Smart Transportation
Ranging from infrastructural solutions such as traffic intersection control, vehicle recognition, or car park monitoring to applications such as telematics for fleet management, device and asset tracking or digital cockpit features such as driver and vehicle status monitoring, BCD Atlantik solutions allow for increased public safety and improved traffic management.



IoT and connectivity solutions for automotive and other application fields such as fleet management, traffic control automatization, as well as individual and public transport contribute essentially to improving public safety and facilitating traffic management in urban, suburban, and even remote environments. 

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Devices such as signal controllers, digital signs, video scanners, and cameras are integral to advanced traffic management on highways, country roads, or busy city streets. With the help of technologies, products, and solutions from our comprehensive portfolio, all those appliances can be made network-compatible, safer, and easier to monitor and manage.

With the latest telematics solutions for (on-vehicle) fleet management, device, and asset tracking, as well as driver and vehicle status monitoring, the tracking and transfer of vehicle information can help record data such as mileage, fuel consumption, and vehicle performance.


Detection technologies such as LIDAR, ToF-cameras, or sensors enable the real-time collection, processing, and analysis of data from surroundings and allow for accurate information on traffic status, parking spot availability, and other relevant parameters. With certified switches for toll control stations or traffic light systems and vehicle recognition, critical infrastructure can be protected long-term. 


Innovative solutions such as the Atlantik Elektronik solar-powered bus terminal systems and the latest passenger counting ToF reference design for busses, trains, stations, and airports provide comprehensive approaches to efficient restructuring and improving public transport. 



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The challenges of the automotive market exceed the mere reliance on automotive-grade components. Automotive and transportation solutions require the integration of hardware and software, new advanced technologies (e.g. Lidar, sensors, and more), as well as safety approaches in wireless and wired connectivity to achieve a consistently high quality of innovative products and solutions. BCD Atlantik provides expertise in engineering services and best practices in product development to focus on the complexity of solutions for traffic and transportation, from a single component to an ODM solution.


Recommended Products

Specially designed for Smart Transportation

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FOX4 Edge Compute Tracker product from the manufacturer Lantronix | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

FOX 4 Edge Compute Tracker


FOX4 Edge Compute Tracker is the latest product of Lantronix’ FOX-Series.  It seamlessly combines cellular and GNSS technologies - now enhanced with BLE and Wi-Fi connectivity - with advanced security features. With extensive support for PFAL scripting, LUA, MQTT, Azure, and REST API, the FOX4 Series Trackers, enable connections with almost any telematics platform, streamlining development and accelerating time to market. Its versatile design makes FOX4 ideal for various applications, from industrial to urban settings, and it can accommodate both internal and external antennas.

Time of Flight reference design product for passenger registration | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Passenger Counting ToF Reference Design

Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

The Passenger Counting ToF Reference Design by BCD Atlantik integrates a 3D depth ToF camera with the Quectel SG865W CPU module, offering Ethernet RJ45 and USB-C connectivity, and optional AI development capabilities. It is designed for application in buses, bus stations, trains, and airports, and provides a comprehensive solution for people counting and behavior analysis while ensuring privacy compliance. This design facilitates advanced passenger monitoring and data analytics in public transportation and transit environments.

Solar terminal system for bus stations | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

Solar Powered Bus Terminal System


BCD Atlantik's innovative solar-powered bus terminal system facilitates streamlining commutes and keeps passengers informed with real-time traffic updates,  arrival/departure times, and other content on a single or double-sided IP67 monitor with a 10.1" Electronic Paper Display. Reliable LTE connectivity, powered by an ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M4 CPU and GNSS, ensures consistent communication and remote content updates, while the solar panel and battery provide up to 12 days of operation with minimal sunlight. This weatherproof system can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use at bus or train stations.

Thundercomm TurboX EB5G2 Edge AI Station Box Product | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

TurboX - EB5G2 Edge AI Station


EB5G2 Edge AI Station is a high-performance AI edge computing device powered by the latest Qualcomm QCS8550 processor. For intelligent edge computing, EB5G2 provides 48 TOPS high AI computing power and supports up to 24 channels of 1080P HD video decoding, making it suitable for multi-channel video streaming AI analysis scenarios in buildings, communities, schools, factories, and infrastructure.

Managed PoE+ Switch SISPM1040-384-LRT-C Product of the manufacturer Lantronix | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH

SISPM1040-384-LRT-C Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switch


The Lantronix SISPM1040-384-LRT-C is a managed PoE+ switch suitable for connecting and powering devices in challenging environments. It can supply up to 30 Watts per port on up to all eight ports simultaneously. The switch also includes the embedded Device Management System software enabling the advanced tools necessary for a comprehensive management of all IP addressable devices.

Module from the BG95xA-GL series from the manufacturer Quectel with the MPN BG951AGLAA-N06-SGNSA | © Atlantik Elektronik GmbH



The Quectel BG951AGLAA-N06-SGNSAis an ultra-compact LPWA module with integrated GNSS, supporting LTE Cat M1 and LTE Cat NB1/NB2 bands. Featuring an MIPS 5150 processor, it allows for ultra-low power consumption through integrated RAM and Flash, supporting 3GPP PSM and eDRX modes. Its compact form factor and advanced LGA package make it ideal for IoT applications like wireless POS and tracking.