Smart insect trap from BAYER
Developed with Atlantik Elektronik and Thundercomm
Based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ QCM2290 IoT platform

MagicTrap from Bayer

Designed to facilitate sustainable crop protection.





Bayer's smart insect trap was developed with Atlantik Elektronik and Thundercomm based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™
 QCM2290 IoT platform




  • MagicTrap detects pest infestation and helps to optimally protect the canola crop
  • Ideal use case for global mobile IoT device communication in the Internet of Things
  • Atlantik Elektronik as local project management partner and link between German industry and US/China-based development and production
  • Thundercomm as full-service provider for a turnkey solution based on Qualcomm technology    

MagicTrap - The smart insect trap

Enables farmers to detect pests at an early stage.


Cologne, May 2022 - To enable farmers to detect pests at an early stage, Bayer has developed the "MagicTrap" in collaboration with Atlantik Elektronik and Thundercomm Technology Co., Ltd. among others. The digital yellow trap catches and counts potential pests in canola fields, providing farmers with important information for more efficient and sustainable use of crop protection products. Qualcomm's technology provides a cost-effective solution that offers more power, higher graphics capabilities, better image quality and improved energy efficiency for this product.

Pollen weevil, flea beetle and weevil species are dangerous pests in canola cultivation. Their mass occurrence can lead to total crop failure. A small infestation can be tolerated, but an increased occurrence requires intervention. With MagicTrap, farmers can detect the intensity and location of the infestation and target the necessary crop protection products.
So-called yellow traps help farmers detect and assess pest infestations. Insects fly specifically to the traps, as the color resembles canola blossom, and fall into a pool of water where they can be counted. However, evaluating and maintaining analog insect traps involves a lot of manual labor. The "MagicTrap" presented by Bayer counts and recognizes the insects fully automatically.

*MagicTrap in a rapeseed field on the Laacher Hof in Monheim, Germany

Farmers no longer have to drive to the field themselves every day to check the traps, but simply receive a picture of the MagicTrap on their smartphone.


*Magic Trap Information on smartphones

Bayer, Thundercomm and Atlantik

Here's what the project managers say:

Fabian Born, Product Manager at Bayer
"At Bayer, we are consistently working on solutions for modern and sustainable agriculture. Digital solutions, such as MagicTrap, are the key to success here. They enable farmers to apply crop protection products more precisely while reducing environmental impact and costs." "The offer and flexibility to customize the product to our use case and provide a turnkey solution, as well as the interest in a long-term partnership, convinced us that Atlantik and Thundercomm were the right choice for our project."
Hiro Cai, CEO at Thundercomm
"Thundercomm has continuously created value for our customers. With our core expertise in operating system optimization and customization, Thundercomm is honored to help Bayer deliver the best products to users. I anticipate that our highly effective collaboration will bring more exciting products and outstanding experiences to Bayer's customers in the near future."
Dominik Bohn, Product Manager and Christian Flach, CMO at Atlantik Elektronik
Dominik Bohn, product manager at Atlantik Elektronik, sees the project as an ideal use case for global collaboration on IoT products: "Our main advantage is that we can offer our European customers semi-custom and full-custom solutions backed by global companies Qualcomm and Thundercomm, while providing the customer experience of local project management, sales and technical support." "We are pleased to partner with Bayer with our concept of providing turnkey solutions," said Christian Flach, CMO of Atlantik Elektronik.

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