Smart Buildings
Optimize your application with our solutions for intelligent buildings.
Make any building a smart environment! Revolutionary technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Edge Computing enable a multitude of smart solutions for buildings to customize, improve, and adapt requirements such as comfort, security, and functionality.

Solutions for Smart Buildings


Functional supply chain, logistics, and warehousing management are essential to the operational efficiency of almost any business – but almost any system can be improved with the help of new technologies!

Our portfolio of industry-leading technology provides the perfect opportunity to custom-develop innovative and high-performing connectivity and tracking solutions for an efficient improvement of supply chain management, shipping, transport, and warehousing, regardless of size and industry. Ranging from asset localization and tracking to storage and warehouse monitoring and automatized warehouse organization - our Smart Logistics Solutions based on Qualcomm Technologies can prevent and mitigate struggles like limited asset tracking options, inventory distortion, high organizational effort, and other operational risks along the supply chain.

application options for smart building solutions

With our comprehensive portfolio of technologies and components as well as our experience in developing complete solutions for the use in homes and buildings, we provide our customers with the development of innovative smart solutions for various types of buildings to implement a safer, more connected, and future-oriented environment in any building. 

The industry-leading Snapdragon technology by Qualcomm provides the ideal base for essential AI camera solutions since Qualcomm Snapdragon processors provide a unique combination of powerful processing, reliable connectivity, and efficiency that is necessary for the complex demands of modern smart buildings. 

Thundercomm offers the optimal Edge computing portfolio to upgrade surveillance and building management systems to access and manage video, access control, sensors, and other equipment, and control the entrances of buildings.  

Integration Options

Completed with a huge offering of hardware solutions and a variety of chip-to-box products, BCD Atlantik can provide all the components and solutions necessary to integrate a customized smart building infrastructure.

Buildings can be equipped with smart features such as powerful AI and video analysis, device-edge-cloud synergy, remote algorithm, and application deployment, as well as edge cluster with high availability, enabling various applications including access control with facial recognition, visitor management, stranger alarm, intrusion detection, location tracking, license plate recognition, and illegal parking alarm, etc.

Available Applications

  • Intelligent motion detection in real-time
  • Object Tracking
  • Camera Tempter Detection
  • Face Detection and Recognition
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Collaboration Systems, such as Conference
  • Systems with high-quality video/audio and AI
  • Real-time Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Adaptive Lighting and HVAC Control
  • Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection
  • Fraud Detection and Security Analytics
  • Personnel and Visitor Management
  • Eviromental Monitoring and Predictive Analytics
  • Intelligent Parking Management
  • Personalized Occupant Experiences
  • Access Control
  • Equipment Access
  • Smart Safety Sign    
  • CO2 Indoor Monitoring
  • POE Networks
  • Millimeter-wave Radar


For the development of smart building applications

Evaluation Adapter Board

from Quectel

The SG560DEUPA-U61-TA0AA is Quectel’s latest generation Eval adapter board to be used in conjunction with the SMART5GEVB-INT-KIT #44430 EVB Kit baseboard. It is based on Qualcomm's IoT chipset QCM6490 to provide high computing performance and in combination with a powerful triple ISP and support for up to five simultaneous cameras and video encoding and decoding at up to 4K30/4K60, the chipsets offer powerful edge AI for high performance at low power consumption.
A variety of interfaces (such as LCM, camera, touch panel, I2S, PCIe, UART, USB, I2C, SPI, etc.) make the module suitable for a wide range of M2M applications, including video conferencing systems, live streaming devices, edge computing, AR/VR, and security systems. 

EB5G2 Edge AI Box

from Thundercomm

The Thundercomm EB5G2 Edge AI Station is a high-performance AI edge computing device which is powered by next Gen Flagship Qualcomm® QCS8550 processor. It is deeply optimized at the operating system level to maximize product performance. Embedded with the built-in edge component OSware.Edge, it provides customers with device management, video management, AI algorithm configuration, application upgrades, edge-cloud collaboration, customization, and multi-cloud connectivity.

Smart Access

Door Entry System from _ATXX

The Atlantik Elektronik Smart Home Security System e.g. access control is a semi/complete solution for managing access authorizations with customized integration options such as 3D Time of Flight for facial recognition, biometric fingerprint sensor, RFID,   Connectivity (WiFi, BT, LTE, 5G), and many more. It is available in in different display sizes (e.g. 5", 7", 10") and compatible with indoor and outdoor use.

Smart Control

Safety Sign from _ATXX

The Atlantik Elektronik smart control safety signs offer a revolutionary smart, customizable, and efficient replacement for traditional exit signboards. 
With ultra-low power consumption, high contrast, high reflectance, and an ultra-wide viewing angle, the 7.3” paper display ensures unlimited visibility from every perspective. The flexibility to change exit direction and validity, allows for easy updates and changes.

Smart Managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switch

from Lantronix

The SM8TAT2SA-EU by Lantronix is a next-generation smart managed switch with 20Gbps switching capacity. It provides eight 10/100/1000 Base-T copper ports with IEEE 802.3at PoE+ capability and two additional 100/1000 dual speed SFP slots. The embedded Device Management System (DMS) software provides the benefits of usability in IP surveillance, Wireless Access Point, and other applications.  

Sunlight CO2 NDIR Sensor

from Senseair

The Senseair Sunlight C02 is a power efficient NDIR C02 sensor with a self-correcting algorithm (ABC: Automatic Baseline Correction), low power consumption, + ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022, RESET grad B, and WELL Building Standard® (WELL v2™). Due to these features, the Sunlight sensor is optimal for battery powered applications can be left alone for up to 15 years while maintaining a robust system.


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