Snapdragon Development Service
We supply you with more than just Snapdragon processors.
We offer hardware and software development at component level. Our core competencies include product bundling, customization and turnkey solutions.

Snapdragon Development Service

Snapdragon hardware and software development

BCD Atlantik is a leading marketer of technology, and an expert in design-in of innovative semiconductor components and solutions, notably in the high-end markets where growth is strong. Being a provider of solutions, the company offers a range of services and products that deliver benefit to customers along their entire value chain. So as well as standard distribution services, we also design technical concepts, plan projects, develop bespoke hardware and software and help our customers with their production.



Our portfolio includes latest components in various areas such as embedded processing, microcontrollers, wireless connectivity, audio & voice, sensors, digital radio, displays & cameras, connectors & fuses, memories, Routers & Gateways and others.  These components can be used in various design levels such as chip-down, system on module or single board computers.



We offer bundling and customization of semiconductor products to help its customers combine and integrate the latest technologies into their products.
Our offer in the development, design and manufacture of semifinished products includes the combination of various semiconductor components. These bundling solutions can be supplied as finished, integrable individual components with interface cards where required, or already mounted on a customer-specific PCBA. We also offer customization options for our standard components if required by the design.




We offer finished designs and ODM solutions based on the latest technologies to help its customers develop the best possible products.
Based on our components, we can provide finished ODM products to our customers. This includes the development of the industrial design and the mechanical engineering, to make products ready for mass production. Our ODM solutions will be shipped ready to sell in boxes designed by us or our clients, fully tested and certified.




Snapdragon Software development

Customized software development and SDKs


For our components we provide all the software needed by developers to create innovative solutions. This includes ready to use operating systems like RTOS, Linux, Android or Windows as well software development kits for general development. Or special SDKs needed for things like computer vision, neural processing or DSP development. Furthermore we also offer application specific SW building blocks like AI algorithms.



Based on our existing operating systems and SDKs, we can take over parts of the software development, such as the adaptation of drivers required for the integration of components like displays, cameras or wireless connections. Our customers can outsource any part of software development for specific functions to us, and we can help with system stability and performance testing.



On a complete level, our software deliveries not only include everything that runs on the devices, such as the operating system and applications. We also ensure that products are compatible with the customer's back-end system and offer cloud and remote management solutions. In addition, we can develop web or application-based (Android, iOS) applications.

Snapdragon consulting and support

Product design and flexible stock model


Our FAE team will accompany the entire product design process, starting with the product idea, the selection of the right hardware and software solutions, proof-of-concept and feasibility studies, up to the development phase for mass production. We help with budget and business plan considerations to create solutions that can be successfully marketed worldwide.



Our production and delivery services ensure that our customers receive their products exactly when and where they need them. We synchronize the supply chains of ODM products to provide a one-stop shopping experience and make our customers' lives easier. We ship worldwide from our Munich warehouse with buffer stocks and take care of PCN / EOL monitoring to reduce supply chain risks.

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