Next-gen fiber optics

03. March 2021 | Planegg

In the financial industry, instant access to real-time data is becoming more crucial to profitability than ever before. Upgrade your connectivity with high-speed fiber optics and get an edge against your biggest competitors today.

Hot Products

High throughput instant access to secured real-time data has never been more important in the financial industry. Upgrading fiber connections for proactive virtual systems can be the key advantage against your biggest competitors.

100% Tested Fiber Optics - Get reliable access to real-time data with our fully tested transceivers and cabling.

Enable High Frequency Trading -Reduce latency and facilitate high frequency trading with cutting-edge fiber optics.


Product Solutions

100G to 400G Transceivers

From high-speed 100G to cutting-edge 400G, explore an in-depth inventory of transceivers.

DACs and AOCs

Leverage a wide array of cabling options including DACs, AOCs, and patch cables.


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