17. January 2018 | Planegg

The xPico®200 series delivers always-on dual-band enterprise Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth® (Bluetooth Classic v2.1+EDR and Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2) as well as ethernet connectivity for business critical assets.



The xPico®200 series embedded gateways are built around Cypress Semiconductor's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC. Network connections are provided by a dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN radio, BT4.2 radio, and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC.

The xPico®200 gateway includes the following:

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless with option for on-module antenna or dual U.FL connectors
  • One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC (RMII)
  • One USB 2.0 high speed interface (Host or Device mode)
  • One TTL UART interface with RTS/CTS
  • One master/slave SDIO interface
  • One SPI interface (master mode only, 24 MHz)
  • Up to 10 configurable GPIO pins
  • 3.3V power connection and logic IO
  • Internal reset circuit
  • Integrated wake-up and shutdown for sleep and standby states

It is a stand-alone module that does not require an external host processor for the wireless and network stack. With customer proven TruPort® technology, that includes essential IoT connectivity firmware, cloud-based management and an integrated device security framework, xPico®200 series delivers a complete network and IoT connectivity off-load solution for any microcontroller.

xPico®200 series offer two main models depending on the connectivity interfaces available:

  • xPico®240 - provides dual-band Wi-Fi and ethernet combo
  • xPico®250 - provides dual-band Wi-Fi, ethernet and dual-mode Bluetooth (Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy)

The xPico®200 comes in two form factors:

  • Small form factor SMT module
  • Edge connector module with standard connector

Block Diagram

The block diagram of the xPico®200 gateway shows below the relationship between components.


  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Raw materials resource management
  • Retail trade