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Atlantik Elektronik presents solutions for Intelligent Vision Systems

20. January 2022 | Planegg

Artificial intelligence for industrial image processing


Target applications for the solution:

  • Smart cameras
  • Connected cameras
  • Security cameras
  • ToF cameras

Atlantik Elektronik offers products and solutions designed for all kind of Intelligent Vision systems. This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the capability to combine selected parts and create a complete solution. Our expertise in embedded system designs help developers and manufacturers to create the next generation of Intelligent Vision systems from entry level smart cameras up to sophisticated vision systems requiring high computing power, 5G connection, advanced camera capability, and superior graphics performance.

Main applications:
•    Smart cameras, connected cameras, security cameras, ToF cameras
•    Retail Systems: Self Checkout, POS, Smart cart, Unattended Retail, Digital Signage
•    Video Collaboration
•    Surveillance  & Access Control
•    Warehouse and Inventory Management
•    Fleet Management, License Plate Recognition, Dash Cameras
•    Healthcare
•    Robotics
•    AI Hubs

In the first integration level Atlantik offers a range of SoCs and SoMs based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8250/610/4290/410/2290 platform for Intelligent Vision systems.

The Top premium Snapdragon 8250 for example provides a feature-rich Android or Linux development platform that is designed for products that require high computing power, 5G connection, advanced camera capability, and superior graphics performance. It is available at Atlantik Elektronik in all integration levels from System on Chip, over System on Modules and Single Board Computer.

The Qualcomm QCS2290 SoC for example is a robust entry-level offerings, enabling reliable performance and power-conservation, upgraded features and memory support for low power consumption. Equipped with the Cortex A53 CPU architecture, the entry-level platform is a cost-effective solution, delivering greater performance, higher graphics capabilities, better quality images, and improved power performance.

Atlantik Elektronik will help customers to select the best platform for their product out of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8250/610/4290/410/2290 platform for Intelligent Vision systems either as a SoC or SoM.

In the next stage, known as bundling and customization, Atlantik Elektronik offers products and services that help its customers develop and bring products to market in less time. This can be the design of customized PCBAs based on based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8250/610/4290/410/2290 platform for Intelligent Vision systems or the combination with bundling components, such as standard and custom antennas, displays, memories or sensors to name a few.

In the final stage, Atlantik Elektronik offers finished products, either from a standard portfolio or as an ODM for its customers. This could range from single smart camera up to smart video conference systems.

Atlantik Elektronik Intelligent Vision solutions can include the latest high performance ToF (Time of Flight) 3D depth Camera technology. These cameras can detect broader depth of movement and the distance of objects more precisely. With this technology, 3D depth information is allowing ultra precise object recognition, support applications for volume measurement as well as the development of many more applications as such people counting (retail, security)  or  face recognition i.e. to granting authorized users the access to enter home- and buildings – at the same time, the system prevents access to non- authorized users for safety.    

The broad ToF product portfolio include a powerful SDK software suite and addresses specific application needs like sunlight robustness, wide field of view, short, middle and long detection range, an integrated RGB sensor, true VGA resolution , low power consumption and compact size. As a support end ecosystem around core components at every level, Atlantik manages the collaboration of multiple ODMs/CMs and technology partners to deliver customized turnkey solutions.

Atlantik Elektronik's Intelligent Vision solutions include BSP/driver development capabilities for various components and sensors, Android OS and RTOS application and algorithm development, and third-party services/application integration. Performance optimization and full support for eco-systems, device and cloud services, and companion application development complete the solution for a one-stop shopping experience.

Atlantik Elektronik partners with the world's leading companies, including Qualcomm, Quectel, Meerecompany, Holitech and Thundercomm, and has the ability to combine their technologies to create world-class solutions.

The Intelligent Vision solutions from Atlantik Elektronik are now available.

Please contact us for an appointment: info@atlantikelektronik.com