Atlantik Elektronik presents solutions
for Personal Light Transport

24. March 2022 | Planegg

Broad spectrum for people's mobility needs


Target applications for the solution:

  • E-Bike / E-Scooter / Motorbike computer
  • Tracking devices
  • Navigation systems
  • E-motor control
  • Smart Helmet
  • Wearable Assistant

Atlantik Elektronik offers products and solutions designed for the Light Personal Transport vertical. This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the capability to combine selected parts and create a complete solution.

Build around Qualcomm Snapdragon technology, the world leading platform for mobile devices,  Atlantik creates customer specific products with 4G/5G communication, GNSS, outdoor grade displays, an extensive set of sensors and superior battery lifetime.

This is rounded off by our SW development services for on device SW, companion apps and backend / cloud / remote management tools.

The heart of our solutions for - E-Bike / E-Scooter / Motorbike computer is the Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS/QCM2290. This customized 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 quadcore applications processor runs at up to 2.0 GHz and provides sufficient performance for connectivity, displays and any kind of software services. It is available as System on chip or as Thundercomm CM2290 system on module for easier development and faster time to market. It already includes wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5 and optional LTE/GNNS services for a cellular-on-demand approach.

  • A53 Quad Core @2.0GHz
  • Display support: HD+, 720 × 1680 at 60 Hz,
  • 2x ISP (13 MP + 13 MP or 25 MP) at 30 fps ZSL
  • 2 GB DDR4, 16GB Flash
  • 6th generation LTE multimode modem 3GPP Rel. 10 with selected 3GPP Rel. 12 features
  • WLAN 1×1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, and FM
  • Operating System: Android 11 | Yocto Linux

To achieve super low power always connected architecture we combine the QCS2290 with CAT-NB or CAT-M1 solutions like the Quectel BG951 for remote control (lock/unlock, check status, etc.). This allows connection to the computer at any time.
The BG95x series is based on the form factor "9" like the popular BG95 (Qualcomm 9205) module series and the EG9x family good migration possibility. BG951/950 is based on the Sony Altair chipset Sony ALT1250.

The special feature of the BG951 is that it supports GNSS & LTE concurrency, i.e. simultaneous satellite reception and data transmission via NB / CatM1. This is necessary for "fast" & "moving" objects to get position data in real time.


This customer board can be connected to our display products, which are specifically designed for outdoor environments. This is shown by features like:

  •  Anti-UV Protection

o    Improved readability under direct sunlight
o    Lower heat dissipation

  •  IPS Technology

o    Wide viewing angle
o    Good readability under bright environments

  •  Specific touch controller design

o    Operation with gloves
o    Splash water resistant touch
o    Excellent EMC performance

  •  Cover class design

o    Thickness 4-6mm
o    IK7-IK10 protection glass

These displays are available in all common shapes and sizes as well as customized form factors.

Camera, Software and AI
The QCS2290 is capable of FHD video recording at 30fps and supports up to 13MP cameras, sufficient for dashcam like applications, but also to run some basic AI function on its Android or Linux operating system like environmental detection / observation. It can be used for fall detection algorithms on the device to trigger automatic emergency calls or simply for predictive maintenance use cases. The audio capabilities can be use for signals but also for an AI based Voice UI.

Potential supported SW applications:

  • Health tracker
  • Emergency call
  • Sport applications
  • Social interactions
  • Navigation, maps and location
  • Route and guidance with real time information
  • Safety applications
  • Training simulation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Anti-theft applications and lockers
  • Event registration
  • Driving assistance

Atlantik supports customers with the developing of their solutions. On R&D level (Technology consultancy & evaluation, prototyping, solution definition) and as partial or turn-key solution (hardware design, software design, implementation, integration, optimization, and manufacturing).

The Personal light transport solution from Atlantik Elektronik are now available.

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