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BCD Atlantik presents solutions
for Wearable products and developments

15. July 2022 | Planegg

Consumer IoT


Target applications for the solution:

  • Smart watches
  • Kids & elderly watches
  • Smart glasses
  • Smart headsets
  • Wearable cameras
  • XR platforms

BCD Atlantik offers products and solutions designed especially for all kind of wearables. This includes an extensive set of hardware, software and development tools as well as the capability to combine selected parts and create a complete solution. We assist in the creation of powerful, innovative, stylish devices and experiences using our full portfolio of wearable solutions. Designed to deliver advancements in size, power, sensor integration, connectivity, battery life, and performance, our wearable platforms enable the next generation smart wearable device.

The Atlantik solutions for wearables are built around the latest Qualcomm chipsets for wearables (Snapdragon wear 2500 and 4100(+)), for extended reality (XR1 and XR2) as well as a set of ultra low power microcontrollers. They are engineered to deliver power efficient computing for a wide range of applications.

As a support- end ecosystem around core components like these SoCs or Wi-Fi, BT, Cellular, Camera, Display, Antenna and software, Atlantik manages the collaboration of multiple ODMs/CMs and technology  and platform companies, to provide customized turnkey solutions.

The BCD Atlantik wearable solutions include BSP / Driver development capabilities for different components and sensors, Android OS and RTOS application and algorithm development as well as 3rd party services/application integration. Power/performance optimization and full support for Eco-systems, device and cloud services and development of companion application complete the solution to a one-stop shopping experience.

The UI /UX offerings are based on the experience in UI and animation realization according to different designs for all kind of user scenarios like kids, sports, and business of fashion products. This includes a list of standard applications like heart rate monitoring, fitness functions, camera apps and music players and the option to create customized UI/ UX experience.

Leveraging the Qualcomm experience from the smartphone area our solutions include world leading cellular technology for 2G-5G including LPWAN. Atlantik Elektronik Services make use of the extensive experience with carriers in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and North America for carrier certification solution for wearables to covers feature development. And a professional certification team guarantees certification granting with shortened development cycle because of UI design, interactive operation, security and pre-installed packages that are ready to meet various carriers’ requirements.

Whether your device is a watch, a headset, glasses, or a translator, as long as you want to connect to the network and realize portable usage, our solution can help you to get it done.

BCD Atlantik is partner of world leading companies in the wearable field, like Qualcomm, Thundercomm and AKM, and has the capabilities to combine their technologies to create first class solutions for its customers.

The solutions for wearable products and solutions from BCD Atlantik are now available.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation appointment: info@bcdatlantik.co.uk