04. August 2020 | Planegg

Superior positioning module LC29D for eMoblity



  • Ultra-kompakte Größe: 12,2mm × 16,0mm ×2,4mm
  • Multi-GNSS für GPS, GLONASS, IRNSS, BeiDou, Galileo und QZSS
  • Unterstützt zwei GNSS-Bänder (L1, L5)
  • Eingebauter LNA für bessere Empfindlichkeit
  • Unterstützung von SPI-, UART- und I2C-Schnittstellen
  • Unterstützung des von Quectel entwickelten SDK-Befehls
  • AGNSS Unterstützung
  • Unterstützung der RTK- und DR-Funktion

Atlantik Elektronik, provider of innovative wireless solutions, presents the GNSS module LC29D from Quectel, the worldwide leading supplier of GNSS and cellular modules.

The LC29D is a sub-meter level GNSS module that integrates dead reckoning (DR) and multi-band (L1/L5) real-time kinematic (RTK) algorithm technologies with fast convergence times and reliable performance. The module supports dual-band GNSS raw data output and integrates 6-axis IMU sensor to deliver high-accuracy positioning performance in seconds.

Based on the Broadcom BCM47758 GNSS chip, the LC29D can concurrently receive signals from up to six constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, BeiDou and QZSS) at any given time, which maximizes the availability of sub-meter level accuracy. Combining GNSS signals from dual-frequency bands (L1/L5) and RTK technology enables the LC29D to achieve high performance even in difficult conditions such as dense urban canyons. The module can also mitigate multipath effects in urban cities.

The LC29D offers a position update rate of up to 30Hz (fusion output), enabling dynamic applications like shared eMobility, delivery robots and precision agriculture to receive position information with lower latency. By enabling easy integration of advanced RTK multi-band algorithms, the module helps developers quickly bring their devices to market.

Embedded with 6-axis MEMS sensor, devices powered by the LC29D can quickly report motion, which enables consistent high-precision positioning capabilities when combined with the dead reckoning (DR) algorithm, even in weak-signal environments such as tunnels and underground parking structures.

The high-precision module offers better performance than products in the market in positioning precision, sensitivity, time to first fix (TTFF), update rates and latency. In addition, the LC29D also integrates a surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter which filters out the undesirable interfering frequencies, and a low noise amplifier (LNA) in the RF path that can increase the signal strength of weak radio signals in order to improve the receiver system's sensitivity.

Designed in the international standard dimension of 16.0mm×12.2mm×2.4mm, the LC29D uses the 28nm process and an integrated low power consumption algorithm, which significantly extends the battery life and makes the LC29D ideal for power-sensitive devices such as small eMobility vehicles, e-Scooters and e-Skateboards, as well as trackers.

“With positioning technologies moving on, requirements for higher precision, lower cost and lower consumption grow rapidly. With the latest generation positioning module at sub-meter level, we present a top class high precision positioning module from Quectel", explains Ottmar Flach, Managing Director Atlantik Elektronik GmbH.

Engineering samples of the LC29D will be available soon at Atlantik Elektronik.