16. October 2020 | Planegg

As a design in partner for Qualcomm and Thundercomm in Europe, Atlantik provides products and development possibilities around the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100(+) platform


The Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100+ platform, comprised of a powerful applications processor and ultralow power co-processor, extends the  hybrid architecture and is designed to deliver super-fast performance, and connectivity, a smarter always-on experience, and extended battery life for next generation connected smartwatches and wearables.

Compared to the predecessor Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™  2500/3100 series,  it delivers up to 85% higher performance, 85% higher memory speed, a 2.5x faster GPU and a second ISP, enabling up to 16MP camera resolution. This helps to launch apps faster, have more concurrent use cases, a smoother and more responsive UI and the option to take richer photos and video experiences.  It also includes leading edge 4G modem technology with support for LTE CAT 4,3,1 and GNSS, including eSIM support.

The power consumption could be lowered significantly by a new process node (from 28nm to 12nm) and a new low power platform architecture. This makes use of two dedicated DSPs, one for modem and GNSS functions (mDSP), and the other one for Sensor and audio (aDSP). In addition, a smarter always on CO-Processor can extend battery life time while the device is inactive, and only supervising some sensor functions.

Depending on the use case, this can result in a up to 25% longer battery life compared to its predecessors.

The SDW4100(+) can run either Google Wear OS, or a classic Android version that is optimized for wearables. 


The development kits will be available to Atlantik customers by the end of year. 

These development kits consist of a main board that includes the necessary components used in any future product, like the Qualcomm chipset, memory, eSIM and BtB connectors. This main board can be expanded with FPC and child boards for the peripheral part for different needs in the future, like adding different sensors or adding MCUs. The board-to-board connectors are pre-defined connectors and interfaces for future expansion for dual cameras, LTE functions for different areas (different band selection), displays, speaker and microphones as well as individually designed interface boards on customers request.

The development kit includes the full Qualcomm Snapdragon wear chipset (SDM429w, modem, Wi-Fi, BT, PMIC, RF frontend,…), 1GB RAM, 8GB flash, a 1.2” AMOLED oncell display, different sensors like A+G, HRM PPG,… and battery.

Please get in touch to be one of the first companies working with the new platform.