23. January 2020 | Planegg

The new BA45F5222 smoke detector flash MCU from Holtek includes a fully integrated smoke detector AFE and an IR emission driving circuit, which is suitable for smoke detectors in fire prevention products.


The device contains a 1Kx14 Flash Memory, a 64x8 Data Memory, a 32x14 Emulated EEPROM, a 10-bit A/D converter. The internal Smoke Detector AFE includes a fully integrated amplification circuit which is required by the IR Sensor as well as a filter circuit. These require no external components apart from the Sensor. The dual channel IR LED emission constant current driving circuit provides up to 360mA and 205mA driving capabilities which can be software adjusted in stages thus minimizing the need for peripheral components.

With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in both 8-pin and 10-pin SOP package types. Compared with the previous BA45F5240 device, this new BA45F5222 device retains the smoke detection core circuit and removes the communication interface, which makes the device more suitable for use in low-cost and streamlined smoke detection products and smoke detection modules.

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