Atlantik Elektronik GmbH presents 48,5" stretched display

04. November 2021 | Planegg

Atlantik introduces an ultra-wide stretched innovative displays, also known as bar type displays.

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  • Size: 48.5" (stretched)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 360
  • Brightness(es): 1000 / 2000cd/m2
  • Contrast: 4000:1
  • Technology: IPS / Full Viewing Angle
  • Interface: LVDS
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C - 50°C
  • Operating time: 24/7h

The ultra wide aspect ratio of 32:9 create attention to target customer groups with its bright and clear visual performance in many different applications. This product can be made available in standard- and custom design to meet current designs at our customer. Bespoke custom design can be realized to tailor various application markets as such, transportation, POS, gaming, medical and various digital signage applications to mention a few. With its high contrast  and brightness, the stretched display covers indoor, semi-/ outdoor application environments.

You can find more information about our LCD displays here>>.

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The 48.5" innovative streched display from Atlantik Elektronik is now available in our webshop>>.