Bluetooth LE Testers

Bluetooth LE Testers

Conformance and Pre Conformance Testing

Harmony LE Tester

The Frontline Harmony LE Tester and conformanceHarmony LE Tester are a robust conformance testing platform, focused on the Bluetooth low energy specification. Both units provide an integrated software/hardware test platform for Bluetooth protocol qualification testing.

The conformanceHarmony LE Tester is recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a validated test platform, focused on the qualification testing of products to the Bluetooth low energy specification.

Both units provide:

  • Test Manager
  • Upper Tester
  • Lower Tester

all within a single, portable box. The Harmony Low Energy Tester performs complete Bluetooth LE controller qualification testing for LE Link Layer and HCI test specifications, providing coverage for Bluetooth LE 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5 and support of upcoming Bluetooth specifications.



Our Portfolio

testHarmony LE Exerciser

The testHarmony LE Exerciser is a highly flexible test solution designed to provide pre-comliance, debugging, regression and robustness testing for chipset vendors and product manufacturers during the development cycle and post release. The tester supports test case package licenses based on Bluetooth feature group functionality, and are available either individually or as a complete package.

testHarmony supports a subset of test cases that enable the user to change specific test case parameters to test above and beyond the Bluetooth SIG LE specification. With the purchase of testHarmony and at least one test case package the user will also get access to a set of custom test cases that are not part of the specification.

testHarmony supports iterative testing of individual test cases and full automated test runs. Results from individual test runs can be exported to PDF and Excel format, and multiple test runs from the same project can be exported to a summary report for comparison.

testHarmony is an integrated software/hardware test platform for Bluetooth protocol testing that provides:

  • Test Manager
  • Upper Tester
  • Lower Tester

Harmony LE Conformance Tester

The conformanceHarmony LE Tester is comprised of three components.

The Test Manager is responsible for test execution and logging, running SIG-compliant test scripts, and automated test execution, which allows the system to be integrated into automated regression test systems where no operator intervention is required in order to execute a test suite and parse the pass/fail results. Automated error recovery of the IUT from failures during testing prevents a cascade of failures due to a previous test, limiting failures to just the test that caused the IUT to fail.

The Upper Tester interfaces to the IUT (Implementation Under Test) via HCI UART, and is responsible for HCI testing.

The Lower Tester does RF over-the-air and RF conducted testing. Once tests have been run, the conformanceHarmony LE Tester further simplifies the conformance process by automating the creation of test evidence for submission to the Bluetooth SIG, including:

• Validated compliance reporting to submit for SIG certification

• Easy addition of test results to SIG-generated test plan (Launch Studio) • HCI and over-the-air capture files

• complete log of test case validations and verdicts

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